If you are a business owner in the market for a new or used bus or coach, profitability must be top of mind when it comes to making your final purchasing decision. You can depend on INA Bus Sales in Las Vegas to help you find a vehicle that will help improve your bottom line.

Irizar coaches and buses incorporate all the latest technological advances that increase fuel efficiency and improve durability, which ultimately means less down time and a bigger number in the profit column.

It is no secret that fuel expenses are among the biggest costs bus operators must deal with. And with unstable prices making it difficult to stick to a budget, it is more important than ever to reduce fuel consumption as much as possible. Irizar vehicles utilize new generation Euro VI DAF engines with innovative fuel injection technology and internal systems designed to reduce friction.

Irizar leads the way in fuel consumption thanks to other innovations including smaller air intakes on the front end, shells with lower friction coefficients, and the use of alloy wheels and high-tensile steel to reduce overall weight.

Keeping repair and maintenance costs at a minimum is another way that Irizar contributes to increasing customer profitability. More durable components have a longer lifespan, which decreases down time needed for repairs and replacement. Routine service intervals have now reached the point where a vehicle can travel 100,000 kilometers before an oil change is necessary.

INA Bus Sales wants to help you increase your profitability with a new or used Irizar coach. Our helpful sales associates can you get you started on seeking out a suitable used vehicle or customizing a new bus to meet your requirements. Regardless of need, we have a bus that can help you reduce costs and increase revenues. Contact us today to discuss your options.