Irizar Group is "Stronger and younger than ever"

Irizar Group is

Irizar Group is a global manufacturing company that was established in 1889. Irizar, which began as a manufacturer of luxury buses and coaches, has diversified and grown to include such companies as Alconza, Hispacold, Datik, Jema, and Masats and now reaches into the electromobility, rotary machinery, electronics, connectivity and rail industries

The Group is headquartered in Guipuzcoa, Spain but has ventured abroad to expand its reach and now operates manufacturing facilities located in South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Morocco. Creatio, also located in Guipuzcoa, is the Group’s research and development center and focuses on developing the company’s diverse products and systems.

With a commercial presence in nearly 100 countries all around the world, the Irizar Group is comprised of more than 2,800 people dedicated to innovations in technology across multiple sectors.


Key players in the Irizar Group include:

Irizar S. Coop – In business since 1889, the parent company and an international leader in bus and coach manufacturing.

Irizare E-Mobility – A more recent addition to the Group that focuses on electromobility in cities and the promotion of clean and accessible transportation that lowers energy consumption, reduces costs, and decreases emissions.

Datik – Manufacturer of the Magic Eye and iPanel, innovative safety features available in Irizar products.

Hispacold – With headquarters in Sevilla, this company specializes in advanced climate control systems for rail and road transport.

Jema – Established in 2011 to provide advanced technological systems, including those utilizing renewable energy sources. The company offers solutions for the power generation, gas, oil and chemical industries, including providing technology for electromobility and smart grids.

Masats – Manufacturer of components and systems for electric and hydraulic door platforms for use by persons with reduced mobility.

The experts at Irizar Group are as committed to sustainability as they are to innovation in technology and design.
When you purchase an Irizar motor coach or bus, you can rest assured you are buying the best.

Irizar Group is “Stronger and younger than ever”